v 0.03 Released

-Added Level 7

-Resized weapon sprites.  Thunder Cannon and Laser Rifle still need proper re-scaling.

-Added additional sprite for destroyed hanging woman.

-Made blue ray-shield walls destructible.  Will retroactively implement shortcuts and secret passages into levels 1-5 in next update.

-Currently only the Thunder Cannon/enemy fire can destroy environment objects.

-Environmental objects can be fired through after they are in their destroyed state.

-Couldn't resolve artifacting on plant-in-a-jar sprite; swapped out with another plant.

-Fixed certain walls being in wrong place (i.e. walls with a table texture being part of a doorway, etc.)

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Station57_2.pak 16 MB
May 15, 2018
Station_57.exe 338 kB
May 15, 2018
station57.pak 16 MB
May 15, 2018

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Oh yeah, forgot to add this:

-Made crosshair easier to see