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Extract and run the .exe.

                            -Escape from Station 57-

Play as a guard aboard a hidden research station in space where the A.I. has gone berserk and all the experiments are loose.  Fight your way to the Administrative Level and pray that there's an escape shuttle with your name on it!

Early demo version.  Working on my own raycasting engine in the meantime so consider this more of an exercise in level design.

WASD - Movement

Mouse to look, left click to shoot. Mousewheel or Q to cycle weapons.

E to open doors.

M for map.

Some assets are original, the rest have been shamelessly borrowed.

Full version will feature somewhere between 10-15 levels.

Current build includes destructible environmental objects.

Cutscenes will be implemented later.   General feedback on pacing, overall level design and art cohesion greatly welcomed.

Weapons - Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Weapons SFX - Fallout Series

Enemy SFX - Blake Stone, Unreal Gold, Doom 64

Install instructions

Extract into folder and run the Station57.exe as you would any other program.


Station57.7z 15 MB

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