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Fixed file error
This was a mistake on my part...I had renamed a file that I should not have. Download should be working now. Thank you to the one person who pointed it out to m...
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v0.07 Released!
-Added levels 11 and 12 (check out the dev process on my twitch channel (reruns airing)...
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v 0.06 Released
-Added Level 10. -Tweaked some sprites around. Next update will feature levels 11-12 as well as final weapon sprite rescaling...
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v 0.05 Released
-Level 9 added -Enemy and weapon rebalancing...
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2d sci-fi fps
v 0.04 Released
**Changelog** Added Level 8. Added secret rooms/shortcuts to levels that needed them. If you don't have the Thunder Cannon (as in Level 1 and possibly up to L...
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v 0.03 Released
-Added Level 7 -Resized weapon sprites. Thunder Cannon and Laser Rifle still need proper re-scaling. -Added additional sprite for destroyed hanging woman. -Mad...
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v0.02 Released
-Fixed artifacting on weapons. -Resized parasite sprite, new artifacting to be fixed next update. >:( -New original assets added. Next update should include: -R...
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V 0.01 available!
Early demo version is up for critique. Working on my own raycasting engine, in the meantime I'm tooling around with RGM (raycast game maker) to get a better ha...
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